Andrew Farlow:currently Senior Fellow


简介:Andrew Farlow is an economist, educated at the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford, with wide interests in macroeconomics, finance, banking, new technology, and health. And his positions: currently Senior Fellow at the Oxford Martin School (Oxford’s interdisciplinary school), and, previously, Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Zoology (Spatial Ecology and Epidemiology Group), Senior Research Fellow at the Sai?d Business School, and Research Fellow at Oriel College. He is author of the highly-praised book Crash & Beyond: Causes & Consequences of the Global Financial Crisis, published by Oxford University Press, and forthcoming in Chinese, among other languages. Besides, He recently edited a volume of the Oxford Review of Economic Policy entitled ‘The Economics of Global Health’.

报告题目:China and the Global Economy:Financial Instability in China and How to Avoid it

教授观点:The lecture will explore economic performance before and after the 2008 financial crash, and the economic policies of the US (‘Trumponomics’), China, Russia, Brazil, the EU (including Brexit), and emerging economies; the changing shape of ‘globalisation’ and protectionism; the rise of debt and its consequences; the impact of central bank policies in general, and, in particular, of QE and the unwinding of QE on asset prices; new ways to model banking instability, speculative bubbles, and crashes (usingepidemiology, complexity theory/agent-based modeling, etc.); distortions of the global financial system caused by shadow financial activity, money laundering, offshore tax havens, etc.; the pros and cons of recent financial innovations (such as Bitcoin); the future impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on economic productivity, structural change, inequality, work, and economic instability; new routes—financial markets, political, cyber, technology—for financial instabilities to start and spread; the crisis in economics and the rise of ‘new economic thinking’; ways to fix and reform the global financial system and practices to make for a more prosperous and stable world.

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